Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celtic Banner

Finally a picture of the blasted Celtic Banner. I know, it's not exactly an art shot but it's the best I can do with my phone. Just for the record I hated stitching it. I just wanted it done. If it wasn't for the fact that my husband had asked for it for years I would have got through the easy part (the alphabet) and had been done with it. I would have rolled it up in a ball and stuffed it away in a closet never to be found again. I substituted a Needle Necessities thread for the 86 or 5 shades of green in each letter. I mentioned that on Marilyn's Garden and was chastised because dear Marilyn designed it that way so it would look like calligraphy. Yeah, well, too bad!! I think mine looks just fine. I hated working with the Wildflowers. I broke needle after needle. I hated the chart with the red and black symbols. I get the reason for the colored symbols but I think if you don't want me to make a copy that it should have been printed on a big enough piece of paper instead of on both sides or put it on two pages. If you don't want me to make a copy at least give me something easier to work with, something a little more indestructible. I tried marking it off with a highlighter but it got impossible to see what the symbols were in the creases and then I had to flip it. With some of the symbols, the squares that were red and black, using the highlighter was a waste of time. The symbol took up the whole square. Chances are really good that this will be my last MLI. I'm going to get rid of my angels and probably just keep some of the earlier Amish designs. All in all, even with the frustration it is a beautiful design.

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