Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday? or Thursday?

I still feel like I'm supposed to be on "sick" time but that makes for a lousy pay check. I finally logged into the hospital about 11:30. I thought for sure I would get my 1000 lines today but not to be. It's Friday and I feel like I should relax a little but I have to work on Saturdays now so I have to think it's really like a Thursday. Clear as mud, hey?? Kate and Emma from the hospital were talking today and they said how they missed having me in the office because I was fun and made things more relaxed and calm. MMM, wonder if DH feels the same way about having me around.

On Monday I talked to my supervisor in the National Company and told her I wanted one more week of PTO. By the end of the day both her and my work force coordinator were let go along with 100 or so others across the country. I did get an e-mail from my new supervisor who said she can't wait to start working together and she will have an awsome team but, oh, by the way I'll be on vacation until Monday. The end of the pay period is tomorrow and I hope she has enough time to add the PTO to my time sheet.

Yesterday coming home I was walking in the house carrying my purse, a drink and the mail. On the way up the stairs my dog, Oliver, ran passed me the mail started to fall and I tripped up the steps. Of course I landed on my bad knee and braced myself with my right arm. My shoulder felt pretty sore last night but feels a little bit better today. It just takes double the amount of time to do anything and the men folk are no help at all.

I finished knitting a dish cloth and now I want to try knitting those bath mitts. I have this vision of making little gifts of the bath mitt and a bar of the Hummingbird Farm lavender soap.

I keep looking at my stash and I so want to stitch. I hope I get the okay this week to get rid of the sling. I have Ink Circles, This Heart of Mine started and I'm just loving it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A long road

It's just been a crazy month. My computer from the hospital was delivered on August 17. After a bit of moving around and buying adapters I now have 2 computers on my desk with 1 keyboard, 1 mouse and 1 monitor. I spent 2 weeks working full time for both jobs so mostly I slept or I worked.

I had my shoulder surgery last Wednesday, the 5th. It's been a nice vacation. Now a week later I'm able to type, obviously. Moving my arm over to the mouse was a little painful so I moved it to the keyboard tray, which I don't use for my keyboard but makes a nice place for my TV remotes. I'm still not able to stitch as my shoulder needs to be immobile other than exercise time but I have done a little knitting.

I paid my huge fine at the library and I am now able to take books out again. I didn't realize how much I missed going to the library until I was able to bring books home again and order more on-line. Reading is just such an important part of me that I don't want to let it go again. I'm reading my Bookholics messages again. I couldn't see the point before. The others were so excited about new books and making recommendations and I couldn't read them unless I purchased them; but if I purchased them then I wouldn't have money to pay the fine. Anyway in the past week I read James Lee Burke's Julie Blon's Bounce and Lillian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who Smelled a Rat. Just easy enough to understand while taking Vicodin.

Until next time!!