Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have a blog

You thought I forgot. On the work front - I stayed on with the National Company working part time, three hours four mornings a week. The hospital limited me to 1000 lines a day which was kind of a paltry pay check so this gave me about $600 a month more and since I got paid from them twice a month versus every other Friday from the hospital I felt like I had my own money. Then in April the hospital took on more work and asked me to do 1500 a day so I was able to quit the other. They have been a part of my life for over 20 years but with the pay check getting smaller and the stress getting higher my last day was March 31 and for one solid month, every single day the Impact Room called to ask me to work OT. Not even having it acknowledged that I had quit really made the break a whole lot easier.

So now I'm reading again and stitching. In April I stitched and old Sisters and Best Friends piece for my cousins' wedding. During the week I'm working on Quaker Christmas and on the weekends I am working on the Quaker Mystery Sampler. I'm using the DMC Variations that is the reds/purples on Lakeside Linen Magnolia. I am quite pleased with it.

Right now I'm totally absorbed in Stephen King's Duma Key. I'm not a fan of horror but that man can totally suck me in.