Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A long road

It's just been a crazy month. My computer from the hospital was delivered on August 17. After a bit of moving around and buying adapters I now have 2 computers on my desk with 1 keyboard, 1 mouse and 1 monitor. I spent 2 weeks working full time for both jobs so mostly I slept or I worked.

I had my shoulder surgery last Wednesday, the 5th. It's been a nice vacation. Now a week later I'm able to type, obviously. Moving my arm over to the mouse was a little painful so I moved it to the keyboard tray, which I don't use for my keyboard but makes a nice place for my TV remotes. I'm still not able to stitch as my shoulder needs to be immobile other than exercise time but I have done a little knitting.

I paid my huge fine at the library and I am now able to take books out again. I didn't realize how much I missed going to the library until I was able to bring books home again and order more on-line. Reading is just such an important part of me that I don't want to let it go again. I'm reading my Bookholics messages again. I couldn't see the point before. The others were so excited about new books and making recommendations and I couldn't read them unless I purchased them; but if I purchased them then I wouldn't have money to pay the fine. Anyway in the past week I read James Lee Burke's Julie Blon's Bounce and Lillian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who Smelled a Rat. Just easy enough to understand while taking Vicodin.

Until next time!!

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Barbara said...

Hiya Jeanne,

Thanks for coming by my blog :) Glad to know you're mending well after the surgery, take care.